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Wonderfull explanations
The way the .ini files works is lines are processed top to bottom and the first match for the operation based on the path is used.
That must be the poitn I've missed when trying to setup my config.

I'll go for the chmod 755 and then set 777 in the ini file.

I already got the anonymous working smoothly. they can list the content but cannot download from /upload:

[1] RETR dump.rar
[1] 550 dump.rar: Permission denied (directory mode).
[i] Transfer Failed: dump.rar
[i] Failed 1 file(s) and Skipped 0 file(s)

Funny stuff is that it creates a 0b file on the client computer when trying to download. No biggie there for me.

About the separate .vfs file: I'm working that way so far as the teams still need to define their needs and procedures. I already suspect they will need some extra dir in the / that anonymous users won't be supposed to see.

Awesome job with ioftpd. Its granularity makes it a 1st choice for me

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