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Lightbulb File Type Column in Server Pane

One feature that I really would love to see added is the inclusion of File TYPE in the server-side column options. In my work, I often need to order files by TYPE 1st, then inspect their modifcation date...

If I could FTP in to a server, organize files by TYPE, the decision process for me of which files to download and modify would be extremely quicker.

ALSO... if one were able to order files by 2 or 3 criteria on the server:
Order Files by:
1. File Type
2. Modified Date

This capicity inside the server files listing pane would have major advantages when one is studying a site with 50 folders and 9000 files of 10 types, within which only JS and PHP files were hit with a JavaScript redirector virus, and we need to see only THOSE files and WHEN the updates were made by an outside agent.


Thank you!

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