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Default ABOR bug

Ive seen this on both SunOS and e FTP server (UNIX(r) System V Release 4.0) ready.

When I abort a transfer, instead doing what most servers do and send back a "225 ABOR command successful." It sends back:
425 Can't build data connection: Interrupted system call.
Then flash never thinks is aborted and sits there and i have to disconnect/reconnect. Oddly, though, if there is no list/transfer in progress, then it sends back a 225 like everyone else.

Also I have seen that if im transfering a queue, and i abort, but for lag or some other reason the server does not abort (im not very patient...), i tend to do a hard disconnect and then reconnect, but for some reason flash does not register that as being aborted, it still thinks the queue is in progress and I have to click abort again. Then i guess flash sees the abort and sends the next thing in its queue which is a soft quit (which of course should of been stoped cause of the hard discconnect)...
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