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Needless to say writing help files isn't the most interesting thing to do and thus I'm making slow progress as I get distracted easily... I did my first pass at all the site commands (minus site change) and most of the regular FTP commands but I put references to a few general topics like permissions and user flags that I never wrote up. I also found it necessary to try to strike a balance between what goes in the help file and what doesn't. Regular FTP commands are geared more towards regular users but even they require some documentation about why they can't delete or resume a file that it appears they could based on just directory permissions for instance. On the other hand site commands for SiteOps I felt could contain reference to settings in the .ini file that affected the command even if only the owner could modify it.

Based on that documentation work and looking at the code to try to make sure I got all the options I noticed a few holes or things that command didn't really do well so I've also modified/added a few new features as well.

I'm working on writing the ChangeLog up now as several people have sent me lockup/crash reports and while I learned nothing new, I'm hoping the next release can reduce or fix that so I'm just going to put what I got out there now. Not sure if it will have the help stuff included or not, or if another release will shortly follow this one with help and fixes to whatever I managed to break in this release. Remember, this has a some serious low level changes in directory caching to support NTFS reparse points, paths don't have to be fully resolved but can preserve symbolic links so the resolver got another overhaul, and the listing code had to change as well...

There are I'm guessing 50+ changelog entries so it will still take me a bit to make one line reminders into real entries and write some useful stuff about the new options in the .ini file but we should be talking days not weeks.
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