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Wrote a help command for the next release that takes simple .ini style files and looks up information and shows it to the user while running it through the cookie parser. Script writers can now create their own .ini files for their new commands and all users have to do is add the path to the file to the ioFTPD.ini file under [help].

I also wrote a separate TCL script that parses some simple section identifiers, colorizes the text by highlighting <args>, etc and then boxes the result by putting a border around everything. This parser can be used by script writers as well to get fancier output; all built-in commands will use this. This may also allow the help file to be translated into web pages and/or menu commands for FTP clients in the future.

I've started documenting the commands and am about 1/5 of the way through now. Hopefully this will make things easier for people in the future.
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