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Mave: the converting string error is actually tied to me using a too small temp buffer when converting the name of the waitobject (I think it was) which was a feature ioNinja v0.8+ uses. It's fixed in the next release and you shouldn't see any more of those. I couldn't find it when it first showed up because I was using 0.7x and didn't realize that wasn't the latest ioNinja release so the problem never showed up for me.

Not really sure where ioYil is going. I actually put a fair amount of effort into it. The problem was it took a bunch of time to write useful features for me and future script writers. At that point though I decided some of it just made sense to put into the server itself for speed and easier use by other scripts. Several insanely useful things like ioArgs will be loved by any script writer and were definitely worth doing in the server. I haven't abandoned the project, but not sure where it's going right now...
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