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Originally Posted by Domin View Post
I am still getting hang/crashes on ioftpd where the only fix is to kill the process and restart ioftpd.exe to make it respond again, here is my error log:
When i posted this poste i startede ioftpd, it have now become unresponsive but it dont seem to crash and there is no additional info in the crashlog.
What seems to be the same lock/error was also reported by other users on the irc channel a few days ago.

Yes, i'm experiencing exactly the same...
Never had this kind of problems with v6.*.*
Usually it hangs after login, or at "opening ASCII Connection", or "Send Password".. and at the end it just dies... not response at all.. just listening on the port (opened socket).

No crash dump.. nothing.. happen to me up to 6x per day.. depends on the traffic on the site.
I really do like all new features in v7, especially virtual FS, but i need stability even more

I know, these kind of 'error reports' are not easy to follow.. but thats all i've got, so far.
I'll try to find 100% sure way to reproduce it.

Anyways it looks like it goes out of some resources, to me... dunno.

Thanks for any help with this.

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