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Looks like there is a problem with deleted users not being removed from UserIdTable which is impacting a few eggdrop scripts that read that file. Now, the really annoying part is the function "site ioverify" which is supposed to fix/catch things exactly like this has new bug introduced into v7+ as part of the new cleanup logic. v7 actually cleans up all the memory correctly, but before it didn't so the fake temp DBs used by "site ioverify" to find inconsistencies used to clean up after themselves but this results in bad things like the server crashing. This is a hard-coded M flagged command so the workaround for now is me telling you... don't run it

After jettisoning the HTTP service there is no more need for some annoying pointer manipulation tricks which I am in the process of removing. I'm also eliminating quite a number of annoying VOID * definitions where there is no good reason for not using the actual type of things. Have I mentioned that the codebase I inherited sucks recently? Anyway, I'll wrap that up, fix a few other little things, and get a v7.1 release out in a bit.
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