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Exclamation terminal font status window bug

Hi, once a tranfer is done flashfxp give us that in the status window:
[00:53:25] Transferred: 09 - In Flames - Behind Space '99.mp3 5 726 838 bytes in 7,11 (786,47 KBps)

in terminal font that give
[00:53:25] Transferred: 09 - In Flames - Behind Space '99.mp3 5Ã 726Ã 838 bytes in 7,11 (786,47 KBps)

the spaces in the file size are replaced by this: Ã ; and its only the display cuz when i copy and past somewhere else these is normal spaces.
that really p**s me off since its more dificult to see quicly the file size. You may make fun of me for that but thats because you prolly never got this problem or you never care about transfered file size (i do) or you just don't hang on this kind of **** and you don't care about losing some seconds of your time to look well at it. (i have a 14' 60hz monitor and these letters with terminal fonts are just not funny to see at when you only want the file size)

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