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Default bad bug (happened twice)

I havnt seen this posted, but its V.annoying.....

Im running FlashFXP RC2 build 869....

the problem is when i am trasferring between 2 servers using a wingate...if the transfer is in progress and i cancel it one server logged off.
So i pressed the quick connect button so i could reconnect to it, and then the quick connect dialog open about 3 pixels wide and all my favourites are gone!

this error comes up in window (starting from when im transferring)....
[16:54:45] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for dev-ddr.r03 (15000000 bytes).
[16:54:47] ABOR
[16:54:48] 426 Data connection closed, file transfer dev-ddr.r03 aborted.
[16:54:50] 226 ABOR command successful.
[16:54:50] ABOR
[16:54:51] Connection lost: SITE2
[16:54:51] Attempting to Reconnect.
[16:54:51] Transfer Failed!
[16:54:51] 1 File failed to transfer
[16:54:51] User Aborted
[16:54:54] Connecting to SITE2 via Proxy 
[16:54:54] Connected to Proxy Port 21
[16:54:54] 220 WinGate Engine FTP Gateway ready
[16:54:54] USER
[16:54:55] 331 User name okay, need password.
[16:54:55] PASS (hidden)
[16:54:56] 230 User logged in, proceed.
[16:54:57] SYST
[16:54:59] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[16:54:59] REST 100
[16:55:00] 350 Restarting at 100. Send STORE or RETRIEVE.
[16:55:00] REST 0
[16:55:00] 350 Restarting at 0. Send STORE or RETRIEVE.
[16:55:00] Connection failed (List index out of bounds (-1))
[16:55:03] QUIT
[16:55:04] Logged off: SITE2
[16:55:14] An internal error has occurred.
[16:55:14] List index out of bounds (-1)
after this error all my site manager sites are deleted...heres debug.log for you as well.....

---------------------------16:55:14 07/08/2002---------------------------
Version: 2.0 RC2 (build 869)
Compiled on: Jul 30, 2002
OS Ver: 5.0 (build 2195) Service Pack 3

Exception 'EStringListError' in module FlashFXP.exe at 00012142
List index out of bounds (-1)

Source file: Classes.pas, Line 3190
Error within Try/Except

Call stack:
Recursive call (2 times):
:00413142 [FlashFXP.exe] (Classes.pas, line 3190)
:004668C5 [FlashFXP.exe] (IniFiles32.pas, line 740)
:00466AF6 [FlashFXP.exe] (IniFiles32.pas, line 775)
:004673E7 [FlashFXP.exe]
:004E831E [FlashFXP.exe] (Quick.pas, line 509)
:00434E7D [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 2776)
:00442594 [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 4294)
:0042D90C [FlashFXP.exe] (StdCtrls.pas, line 2917)
:004423FC [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 4233)
:0042D76C [FlashFXP.exe] (StdCtrls.pas, line 2845)
:0044222B [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 4158)
:00444DA4 [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 5741)
:004357DA [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 3078)
:004448BB [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 5571)
:00432B2E [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 1451)
:77E11D0A [user32.dll]
:77E13D4B [user32.dll]
:77E13DB6 [user32.dll]
:71784803 [comctl32.dll]
:71784722 [comctl32.dll]
:717847E1 [comctl32.dll]
:717B420D [comctl32.dll]
:71784722 [comctl32.dll]
:71784642 [comctl32.dll]
:77E11D0A [user32.dll]
:77E1350E [user32.dll]
:77E137A6 [user32.dll]
:77E249B5 [user32.dll]
:77E20531 [user32.dll]
:77E11D0A [user32.dll]
:77E13D4B [user32.dll]
:77E1734D [user32.dll]
:00444D28 [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 5720)
:00442997 [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 4441)
:0042D76C [FlashFXP.exe] (StdCtrls.pas, line 2845)
:004448BB [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 5571)
:00432B2E [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 1451)
:77E11D0A [user32.dll]
:77E11BC8 [user32.dll]
:77E172B4 [user32.dll]
:0054A3D1 [FlashFXP.exe] (FlashFXP.dpr, line 221)
:77E9CA90 [kernel32.dll]

hope thats enuf info for you, i think thats how it happened not 100% sure, but its happened twice now anyway
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