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Default What is SITE UTIME all about ?


What is the idea of MDTM and SITE UTIME ?

I seem to have nothing but problems with those.

This is the response I get from quite a few servers when I try to upload to them (not FXP).

[21:41:19] [L] MDTM 20090414193448 file1.rar
[21:41:19] [L] 550 20090414193448 file1.rar: No such file or directory.
[21:41:19] [L] SITE UTIME file1.rar 20090414193448 20090414193448 20090414193448 UTC
[21:41:19] [L] 500 'SITE UTIME file1.rar 20090414193448 20090414193448 20090414193448 UTC': Command not understood.

Whats the above all about, and what is it needed for ?

The FEAT command and answer looks like this:

[21:35:30] [L] FEAT
[21:35:30] [L] 211- Extensions supported:
[21:35:30] [L] AUTH TLS
[21:35:30] [L] AUTH SSL
[21:35:30] [L] PBSZ
[21:35:30] [L] PROT
[21:35:30] [L] CPSV
[21:35:30] [L] SSCN
[21:35:30] [L] MDTM
[21:35:30] [L] SIZE
[21:35:30] [L] REST STREAM
[21:35:30] [L] SYST
[21:35:30] [L] 211 END

I am running the latest beta build 1337 (it says 1336 when I start it though).

Is the above something that can be disabled, since I don't see what I need it for ?

Thanks in advance.

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