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pion: The post explaining the "Overlapped I/O operation in progress" error message got lost in the server crash, but here's some info on it. When SSL negotiation fails ioFTPD forces the data connection closed and as a side effect that error message is generated. I really should find a way to have it spit out something SSL related...

I've attempted to examine a few instances where that error has occurred for me and here's the result. If ioFTPD is acting in a server role such as when you connect to the server, or it sends the SSL cert during fxp everything works fine. If however it acts as a client and receives a cert it may reject it because it's invalid (expired and/or name mismatch). To me that is perfectly valid behavior. However, lots of people setup drftp sites and install it's default "drftpd" cert which expired in 2004 and obviously doesn't match the host or slave IP/hostname and get this error as a result...

I originally configured the server to be picky to prevent spoofing and replay attacks. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm going to allow a configuration option to be more forgiving for data connections and hopefully that should solve the problem.

As a workaround you can configure "alternate fxp" methods in Flash or Rush to make ioFTPD act in the server role and that solves the problem. After changing the alternate fxp settings in Flash you will need to logout of BOTH sites before trying again since it won't issue another SSCN to change the roles.
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