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thanks for the response,
to my knowledge ioDELUSER is no longer available, because site deluser/purge/bans was added to io.

Although, If you could somehow script something, into the next version of io, that would allow for a ban with a defined time and reason for ban, and an unban of course, without having to edit the config and host.rules, that would be great.

something like:
'SITE BAN <user> <time> <reason>'
(would ban user based on last used ip or something of that nature, and when they try to log in they would see '<reason>').
'SITE UNBAN <user>'

not sure if you would be willing to add this in the next version of io, i'm not sure about the demand for a feature like this, but as you mentioned: using the deluser flag is risky incase someone accidentally purges. In anycase, i hope to see it added, and if not, no worries.

thanks again for the reply
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