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Sorry, at the moment the only way to get on the auto-ban list is to be, well, auto-banned and it's based on your actual IP address. I.e. no hostmasks. You can list/delete IP bans via site bans and I don't see a reason why I couldn't add a site bans add command but it wouldn't do hostmasks. You can ban hostmasks via the Hosts.Rules file and rehash but there is no way to do that outside a script. This probably needs to be re-written as I don't like it either...

You can however "delete" a user and not purge them which will disable the account. As long as people don't go around doing purge * this will work. I've thought about adding an optional user flag to ban a user without the risk of them being purged which would use the delete message as the ban message to show a user. That shouldn't be too hard to do. As an optional measure you can use ioDELUSER script which does just this.
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