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There is no longer a need to edit the file manually although that still works. You can use any of the account modification commands like site change, site chgrp, etc and use "/Default.User" as the username and it will change the file for you. Much easier to do since doing things like giving default credits in a particular section to a user without having to figure out how it should look in the file to manually edit it. The other benefit is all of it can be done in the server itself so remote administration is easier.

Another really cool feature is you can also specify /Default=GroupName to change the defaults for users created into that group via site gadduser. Users later added to the group aren't affected so it would have to be via gadduser. One trick you may find useful if you do that is to create a few aliases under [FTP_Custom_Commands] like "addop = @gadduser SiteOp". Now you can do "site addop Fred <password> <ips>" and since you are adding that user right into the SiteOp group the user would already have whatever defaults you wanted for them like the 1 flag, leech, etc and obviously their primary group would be SiteOp already. The site groups command should indicate which groups have been "customized" which means they have a /Default=GroupName file with options different than /Default=User.
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