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Default ioFTPD v6.9.3 beta released

As you've probably noticed the people who host the forum managed to loose months worth of posts. DOH! Anyway, here's the ChangeLog entries so they can be searched by the forum and you can access the link to the latest version.

Quick Known issues:
1) A few %1T color messages are still in a few replies, all are fixed in an upcoming release.
2) Messages files that including things like the transfer status update contain an ANSI reset control code at the end of the line that some clients don't remove and thus it looks bad. Fixed in next release.
3) Stability problems with the lockup bug seem to be significantly higher on w2k3 servers. I don't have any confirmed reports on other window's flavors based upon logs sent to me so XP/Vista/w2k8 from my experience seem OK. In fact, on my single core XP machine I have never had the lockup bug hit.

Latest Version:
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