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Default Changes for the future!

I was wondering isnt a good idea to get the scripterspool back up again? In the past there were many many scripters active but clearly not anymore. Only 1 or 2 scripters are active. We need scripters to make ioFTPD complete. To motivate the scripters, the old scripters and the future ones i think its a nice idea to bring back the scripterspool!!!

Second i think ioFTPD forum really needs to move to a seperate website. Why not make active again? If no one wants to host it let me know and i will host it without a problem. Also setting it up with a forum, scripterspool etc etc i,m willing to do it for free. Its only to the benefits of the ioFTPD users if we get a cleary pointed ioFTPD website "only" without finding your wat thru inicoms flashfxp website. No bad words about inicom but one thing should be said .... BACKUP should be in your dictionary. Ofcourse YiL has to agree with this proposition and anyone i do forget.
By the way Dont take it wrong!!! I only want the best for ioFTPD and his folks.

Well make a choice and let ioFTPD and his community grow to its fully potential
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