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Default Site downtime

We're back online, albeit not wholly restored. We experienced catastrophic system failures Friday March 6th, and we have just now been able to restore things to a useable state.

The good news: the site is back up, and all major functionality has been restored.
The bad news: the most recent good copy of the database we were able to recover is over 5 months old. This means all forum posts, user registrations, licenses, etc. from that point have been lost forever. This is obviously bad on many levels, but our first concern is our paying customers. We will be re-constructing user accounts and licenses over the next few weeks based on purchase records. Your licenses will remain valid, and if you need support/license resent/etc before we get your user account restored please feel free to contact us.

I will be posting later on regarding what happened and what we are going to do to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

Thank you for your patience and support.


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