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Default Strange error with users/groups after v6.6.1


Got some strange errors after i updated ioFTPD to 6.8.2 on 2 machines. I have it running on 5 boxes with no errors at all working like a charm .. then i bought one new comp with same setup as the others and winxp pro sp3. but no it won´t log on.
i get invalid password.
the other machin that didn´t work use win 2003 enterpise sp2.

It did work on v6.6.1 but not any newer version.

is there a big change from 661 to 682?

I hope some got the awnser.

Ps. all the machines that work use win xp pro sp3
i can understand the fact the the win 2003 machin don´t work but also a winxp machin won´t start?? when all the others work .. the only diffrense on the computers is the vfs file .. everything else is the same.
just for testing
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