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Question Web Interface and Daily Backup

Hi Folks,

I am new to FlashFXP and I have some questions:

I want to use the software to perform a server-to-server file-transfer, which should be performed every day a 0300...
(For this a solution could be to start the whole transfer as a Command Line Command () and to perform it via a cronJob-Software.
So I need command line to transmit folder 1 on server 1 to folder 2 at serverone and overwrite all, no user interaction should be needed.
Although maybe a Logfile should be written to show that all was OK )

Next point is that one of the server may immediately get under heavy load and for that reason, the transfer should be delayed or aborted.
This should be done with a web interface, because I may be somewhere else seeing that i need my server and want to kill the transfer.....
(I am a pretty fair coder in php, so some hints would be useful because i need some strating point, like maybe an KILL flashfxp.exe on //server1 or such a thing....)

Many Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,

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