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Default FlashFXP v3.8 BETA (3.7.4 build 1286)

FlashFXP v3.8 BETA - (3.7.4 build 1286)

Changes specific to this release
• Fixed sftp upload corruption when transferring files larger than 256k
• New extended toolbar tray tooltip that displays detailed transfer information.
• New option to blend transfer progressbar with windows theme. (Preferences > Display > Colors & Fonts > Blend with windows theme).
• Fixed issue where some keyboard shortcuts were filtered during sftp transfers.
• New Global default and Session on transfer complete option "Retry failed transfers".
Set Per session via main menu > Session > Retry failed transfers.
Set global default via Preferences > Transfer > Retry failed transfers
• New option "Move failed transfers to the bottom of queue before retrying"
Set in Preferences > Transfer > Options.
• Fixed issue with speed limit.
• Fixed access violation on exit that could occur under some conditions.

New Features
• SFTP Support.
• Added the ability to replace a client certificate, replacing the certificate assigns the new certificate to all the sites the previous certificate was assigned to.
• Added the ability to En-queue delete operations and raw commands. (Remote file list > Right click > EnQueue)
• Added History sub-menu to the connection dropdown menu list.
• Added an Option (Preferences > General > Options) "Include Quick Connect sites in History"
• Local folder sizes are pre-calculated prior to upload to help calculate a more accurate queue remaining time.
• Support for toolbar themes and custom button images.
• Added ability to add comments to a bug report directly from within FlashFXP.
• Added the ablity to reorder and select SFTP encryption ciphers/MACs. (global and per site)
• Updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8h.

• The chain of commands used for local synchronization when navigating via the listview has been reordered.
• Redesigned quick connect interface.

• Toolbar malfunction on windows 2000.
• Abnormal window behavior when switching between FlashFXP and the Internal text editor.
• Saving the favorites.dat would generate a crash report when the permission to save the file was denied.
• Resolved a problem with handling MLSD directory listings that resulted in the fields being converted to lowercase.
• Fixed issue with MSLD parsing owner/group/etc.

Please report bugs using our bug tracker at

Download now available to the public! Download now!

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