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Lightbulb Feature Request: Customize Systray Icon

I am constantly running 3 or more flashfxp windows which are connected to several different sites. I find that when I go to open one, I have to click on each one until I can find the one I was looking for.

I think that each ftp site in the site manager should have an option that lets us select either a color of the flashfxp icon, or even select one of our own icons file for the system tray. This way each site has a unique icon in the system tray. If I have two flash windows open connected to the same site, I should be able to right click on the system tray icon of one of them, and temporarily change the color of the icon, or the icon itself, to distinguish it from the other flash windows that are open.

At least the tooltip that appears over the flash icon should say which local/remote folder that you are currently resided in on the ftp.

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