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Default AlcoBot v1.2

Evening / Morning!

Well i change from dZBot because i wanted to be able to use like 4 ftp with the same db on mysql like for dupes
but when i load the modules like the readme sugested ftpconn ftpd invite nxtools ....
it stops at ftpd

i have check the conf file like 300 times and delflag is 6 and the windows namn is the same as in ioftpd.ini but still won´t work..
can´t understand what the hell is wrong.. i get no errors if i remove ftpd more than moduls is missing on invite and nxtools .. but no more errors.

ioftpd 6.8.1
nxtools 1.2.1

or do i have to re-write sitebot from ioninja to use mysql and go from there .. crap enoying errors ..

or do u guys have any other suggestions
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