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The multi-part means the later case, download many pieces of files at the same time, just like many downloader program did. We know set the retry time big enough is the basic manner when using ftp, but someone did not, we have met one keep on retry using 100+ connect, resulting a 1000000+ retrys in one day(version 6.4.3 will not crash).

BNC with IDNT works fine, but actually connected to the ftp is the BNC's IP, the IDNT just tell the ftp the client's IP, so the BNC will still be banned. (n connections per IP work fine with BNC+IDNT)

The ftp server crashed again, worked for about one day. How to set the "immune host list"? If it works, we can set Connections_To_Ban smaller, and the ftp will stay longer, but alos will crash.

We'll keep on testing, and try to do something with appverifier.
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