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[TestReport]ioftpd 6.8.2 may crash with multi-part-download

We have posted some tests, here with additional tests, we should got something.

[Default IP Settings]
Connections_To_Ban = 6 # 6 connections without a reset and
# IP is temp banned (5)
Ban_Counter_Reset_Interva = 60 #
Temporary_Ban_Duration = 300 # Seconds host remains banned

With this settings, the io will not crash so easily (it takes several days to crash), so we changed the Connections_To_Ban to 600, others keep no change.
Connections_To_Ban = 600

NOTE: one IP can only have 2 connections on this server.


Test1: download ONE file with multi-parts, like 10 parts, retry time set to 5 sec, must have the correct login account, the io crashed immediately!

Test2: same as Test1, but set retry time to 30 sec, the io did not crash, during 10-minutes' test.

Test3: same as Test1, but download 10 files without multi-parts, the io did not crash during test.

Result: Only 2 connections are allowed, so the rest 8 keep on retrying with high frequancy, the server will crash if download one file with multi-part, but keep working without multi-part-downloading. So the crash may be caused by multi-part-downloading.

As we have two BNC server connecting to this ioftpd server, the Connections_To_Ban must be changed to big enough to avoid banning the BNC server's IP (we set it to 6000000 in 6.4.3 and it works fine).
Or can we put these two IP(or more) into something like trust-IP-list ?
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