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[Bug Report]ioftpd 6.8.2 may be crashed by banned IP's connect

Config the ioftpd 6.8.2 to work fine, and set the auto ban IP feature ON (default is ON), start the test!

Using some downloader program to download files from the ftp server, here we use FlashGet 1.73. Add 8 tasks to download from the ftp, no need set username/password, no matter file exists or not, just start the 8 tasks at the same time. Well, the client's IP is banned, very well, go on. Stop all of the 8 tasks and start again, then again, again, after about 10 times, the ftp server crashed.
In the server side, ioftpd.exe opened 500+ sockets without any online user, use 100% CPU (in multy core systems, only use one core, just like single-thread), and can not connect to it even in localhost, actually the ioftpd server crashed(hanged).

Well, actually we are not sure whether banned IP is required or not, with this tests, the server crashed at once if we start 20+ tasks at the same time, no banned ip in log files

Well well, another tester figures out that even the server is crashed, pre-connected users still can download there files from the server, but can't list files.

Test4(many testers):
We do test1 on many servers, some just crashed, some do not, but results a RANDOMLY crash after the test, even 1 day or 2 days later.
Also the SITE CRASHNOW command doesn't work after the server crash, as it can't accept commands any more, only leave the download/upload tasks on.

BTW: the download/upload speed(Kb/s) in SITE WHO command looks strange. I limited all the user to a download speed of 300 Kb/s, but the result ranged from 1 to 3000 Kb(maybe even more), like follows:

[2] site who
[2] 200-.-------------------------------------------------------------------------.
[2] 200-| User | Group | Action |
[2] 200-|------------+----------+-------------------------------------------------|
[2] 200-| admin | ioftpd | LIST -al Idle: 0:00:01 |
[2] 200-| ftp_test | NoGroup | DN: xxxx.avi @ 2771K |
[2] 200-| ftp_test | NoGroup | DN: yyyy.avi @ 2596K |
[2] 200-| ftp_test | NoGroup | DN: ddddd @ 7K |
[2] 200-| ftp_test | NoGroup | DN: zzzzzzz @ 596K |

This not affect formor versions(like 6.4.3)

================================================== ==

snap1: CPU usage
column names: Exe, user, CPU, memory, virtual memory, I/O read, I/O write

snap2:CPU performance

snap3:socket usage
status bar: 16682 opened sockes, 16631 selected (opened by ioFTPD.exe with 8888 listen-socket)
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