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Script is showing signs of life... I've gotten a lot of the low level stuff working and it will be similar to nxTools.

The first version will be pretty simple, probably just site dupe/search/wipe so people can play with it a bit. Shortly after I should have requests, messaging, nuking, newday, and maybe pre stuff (though I don't know exactly how that works in practice). I do plan on later implementing some sort of free space management that will delete stuff when the server needs space. That won't be limited to my script though. I'll use it, but the key feature the "I need space" request will be in the server, but it's up to a script to figure out how to do it so people can customize it however they want. That's the piece I'm not sure of yet since I want people to be able to preserve some things from auto-deletion, and a way to easily see what would be deleted next. Read only dir to owner implies keep? Some sort of other identifier? ioFTPD doesn't really use the eXecute flag so maybe overload that... Just no need to figure that out yet either, but if you have seen, or can think of a good way, let me know.

After that not sure what I'll end up doing, but I presume now that my script will support raided/merged dirs totally correctly I'll be looking to add the drive selection code to automatically span disks. Since it makes no sense to use the "I need space" feature if there is space on another drive and you've configured it to use the other drive...

Also, in later versions expect automatic symlink tracking. I might make that a semi built-in feature. Move/rename a dir, and any symlinks to it are automatically updated...

Couple of other little things. Looks like I'll be supporting ansi colors in my new cookie parser for my script. I'll probably go and make "site color" a real built-in feature in the core so other scripts can test to see if color is enabled and perhaps use it themselves. I was disappointed to learn that you can't use the ansi bold, underline, etc commands and have them show up in FlashFXP. Anybody seen those tricks in other clients? I don't see much point in offering cookie support for them if nobody can display the results, but at least colors appear to work fine if enabled, and to not show up if disabled.
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