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New "trivial fix" bug found. Add these lines under [FTP_SITE_Permissions] to the .ini file:

crashnow = M
loadsymbols = M
makecert = M

I probably should remove any permission checks for master accounts, but the new rule was you must have an entry for the command. These are really M only commands though so nobody without an M flag can run these even if aliased, etc, so they are locked down. On the other hand, this just illustrates why I made the change I did. What other script/addon/built-in command got overlooked and might be executable by anyone? I'll have to double check I got them all later.

nxMyDB / ShareDB are broken. I think neoxed just has to make a few edits and recompile nxMyDB for it to work, but given that it's been broken for a while now I'm not holding my breath. glftpd doesn't really support shared users (whereas ioFTPD provides an interface to do it and the above 2 modules did at one point), it's done via a script and NFS directory sharing I believe which is kinda clunky but appears to work... Shared users would be nice, so perhaps neoxed will re-compile or release the source.

I didn't get much time this week, but my site script is coming along... hopefully it should start being useful soon and you guys can play with it while I keep adding features.
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