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Default Changelog

v6.8.0 Release Notes:

1) Files in \System:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version
   Changed : ioFTPD.ini - summary of changes by section...
    [FTP_SITE_Permissions] : Added grprevert = 1M

2) Files in \text\ftp:
   Changed : GroupInfo.Header, GroupList.[Header,Body]

3) Files in \doc:
   Changed : itcl.txt, Cookies.txt

4) Files in \:
   Changed : README

*** New Features:

4) Modified site command (site gadduser).  ioFTPD now supports group specific
   default settings!  When using site gadduser the indicated group is made
   the default primary group, and if the group's defaults settings have been
   customized they are used, else the fallback of Default.User is used.
   Support for changing and viewing group defaults is now built-in so no file
   editing is required or suggested.  Additional groups added to a user via
   Default.User or Default=GroupName will now print and log lines showing
   which groups the user was automatically added to.

5) Modified site command (site uinfo).  You can now specify /Default=GroupName
   to view the default userfile options for users created in this group via
   site gadduser.  If the group defaults are the same as Default.User would
   be then a message to this effect is printed instead as the group is no
   longer considered customized.
6) Modified site command (site adduser).  Pure group admins who are adding
   a user are now considered to be doing "site gadduser <primary group> ..."
   which means that new users will use the Default=Group customized userfile
   settings if available.  Additional groups added to a user via Default.User
   or Default=GroupName will now print and log lines showing which groups the
   user was automatically added to.

7) Modified site command (site chgrp).  You can now specify /Default=GroupName
   to change which additional groups a new user created in the indicated
   group should be a member of.

8) Modified site command (site change [credits, expires, flags, homedir,
   logins, LimitPerIp, MaxDownloads, MaxUploads, opaque, ratio, speedlimit,
   tagline, vfsfile]) .  You can now issue this subset of available site
   change commands for group defaults via /Default=GroupName.  You cannot
   however modify the defaults for admingroups, stats, or passwords.

9) New site command (site grprevert).  This command removes any new user
   group customizations for the specified group which means new users created
   in the group will now revert to using Default.User settings.

10) New supercookie option (%[groupinfo(DefaultFile)]).  The DefaultFile option
    will return the name of the userfile defaults used for new users created
    in the group.  Either /Default.User or /Default=GroupName.

11) Modified TCL command (user create userName [<gid>]).  The user create
    command now takes an option argument to specify the default group of the
    user.  This is roughly the same as the site gadduser option and honors
    the group customization features.

*** Functionality changes:

12) Site command permissions checking has changed.  Previously if you didn't
    specify restrictions on a site command it would mean anybody could use
    it.  I think this is just asking for trouble.  Now you must explicitly
    grant permission for commands in the config file.  If you want anyone to
    be able to use a command just use "*" in the flag sections.

13) Modified site command output (site ginfo).  The text/ftp files have been
    updated to display the group's DefaultFile option to indicate whether the
    group has been specialized or not.

14) Modified site command output (site groups).  The text/ftp files have been
    updated to change the format a bit and to indicate whether a group has
    customized defaults or not.

15) The VFS file parsing code has been updated to print error/warning messages
    to Error.log if it has problems parsing the VFS file or finds references
    to missing/offline directories.  This should help catch some simple typing
    errors.  Since VFS files are loaded only on demand, and are cached, the
    error messages won't appear until the VFS file is used the first time.

    NOTE: ERRORS indicate that the identified line will not be processed at
          all.  WARNINGS indicate something amiss, but that ioFTPD will try
          to work around the problem, and will keep the setting.

    NOTE: While not officially supported it was possible to use relative paths
          when specifying real directories.  I.e. "..\site" /  is kind of
          useful and does appear to work, however there are problems when
          resolving symbolic links and any such use of this syntax will
          now generate a warning.

*** Bug Fixes

16) When creating a user via "site adduser" or "site gadduser" the addip
    message lines were showing up before the created user message.  This
    has now been fixed again.  Really.  I mean it this time.

17) Users currently using Default.User to automatically add users to groups
    will have ended up with inaccurate user counts for those groups.

    FIX: Run "site ioverify" to confirm the problem exists, and then use
         "site ioverify fix" to correct it.
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