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I'm sorry to say, but there isn't a good way to do this. It's actually on my TODO list from when I implemented the /Default.User and /Default.Group commands but it got lost in the huge list...

First off, scan my Changelog for where I talk about /Default.User and /Default.Group. These allow you to set the default parameters for newly created users and groups respectively. The problem, as you noticed, is you can't specify different defaults for a new user based upon what group they are created in. My solution I thought is to support a new file "groups\GID.Defaults" which would actually be a userfile and not a groupfile but would act just like Default.User in the users directory would. I.e. it uses that file based on the group as the user template if it exists, else Default.User if it exists, else nothing.

The only problem is internally the module based system that allows you to add external userfile support doesn't have a way to pass the group information along when creating the user. However, given that neoxed hasn't updated nxShareDB to even work with the new userfile format in v6.5+ I may consider changing this interface since that's the only external module around anyway... I was hoping to think of a way to merge the group defaults afterwords but that would actually be annoying to do so I punted and stuck it on the TODO list...

Adding a flashfxp/ftprush/etc custom command is the easiest short term solution right now... Just have it prompt for a username and issue some change commands automatically for you.

You write "site change =group1 ratio 0". That's probably not a good thing to do since it will change everyone in the whole group to a ratio of 0 every time you execute it. You're probably better off just using "site change username ..." since you really only want to modify the new user anyway.

As a side note. 6.7.1 is looking stable, and it handles site gadduser differently now. In particular it make sure that the named group is the default/primary group for the user if you had specified default group(s) in /Default.User... At the minimum this should allow you to set the defaults properly for your most common group and then you'd only have to modify the settings for users in your 2 other groups...
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