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Default Recursive delete, then upload

Hi all,

First thanks for a great product. (I'm glad I got work to buy it)
I was unsure if this question was meant to go in the general discussion or in here, so I decided to pose the question in here.

What I'm trying to do is automate a recursive delete of PDF's and the directory structure on a site (there are only PDF's in the directories) on an IIS 6 FTP server, then to do a upload of the full site from a local directory.
This obviously means if I delete something from the source it also gets deleted from the target. (Which is exactly what I want, the target mirrors the source explicitly)

The queue itself would be very basic. Just one directory (Which would then contain sub directories). So I think I'm right with making the queue file and saving it, My problem is how to do the recursive delete first and automate it.
I don't think IIS 6 supports the site wipe command.

Is there a way to automate this task with FlashFXP?

Thanks in advance for any replies,
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