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Question Problems when transferring???

Hey there guys.. Im behing a Proxy (WinProxy), and for some reason, when im connected to an FTP through FlashFXP (either uploading or downloading) It transfer fo 5 minutes (exactly) and then disconnects, reconnects and resumes the download/upload for five mins, and then disconnects again.. etc etc.... This has become really bothersome...

I tried transferring from the "Proxy Server" and it transfers without interruptions, so i figured it wasnt a problem with my ISP... then i tried using a WS_FTP Demo, and it didnt interrupt the transfer... plus i noticed a little difference in the way it trasnferred..

I use DU meter to see how transfers go, and when transferring with FlashFXP it sends about 40Kb at once, then sort of rests for a second, Then sends 40kbs more and then rests a second, and so on.. WS_FTP on the other hand had a constant 12kb/s transfer... strange, isnt it?

I also tried the newest build's demo.. but no luck either..

Got any advice that you can give?
Thanks in advance!

BTW: I tried upping to a friend's FTP and he told me that the problem it gave was a "426 Connection closed; transfer aborted." Is that meaningful to any of you?
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