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Unhappy VFS issues and send/receive issues

I've recently changed from XP x64 to Vista x64. I had the send receieve error on XP x64. It would create the folders but wouldnt actually transfer any files. Would sit there and hang as shown below.

[R] STOR 00-**********************-2008.sfv
[L] RETR 00-**********************-2008.sfv
[L] 150 File status okay; about to open data connection from 05.
[L] 226- Checksum from transfer: 58a8a1c2
[L] 226 Transfer complete, 1.3KB in 0.0 seconds (0B/s)

I'm assuming I'm going to have that issue as well as the next issue on Vista x64.

Since upgrade to Vista x64 it doesnt seem to be triggering the default.vfs. I get ioFTPD up and running, log in fine but theres nothing there. Nothing I list in the default.vfs shows. Only stuff that will show is whatever I actually list (making a test folder) in the root (c:\ioFTPD\FTP-ROOT-DIR). I've tried many things but can not get it to show.

Any help with these 2 issues would be greatly appreciated. I really would like to stay with ioFTPD and not have to go elsewhere. I love ioFTPD. lol.

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