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Default v6.6.1 + ChangeLog

New version:

v6.6.1 Release Notes:

1) Files in \system:
   Changed : ioFTPD.[exe,pdb] - Version
   Changed : ioFTPD.ini - summary of changes by section...
    [FTP] : Show_HostMask_Error

*** New Features:

2) New ioFTPD.ini option (Show_HostMask_Error under [FTP]).  Previously when
   a user tries to login but doesn't match any of the hostmasks for the
   account they received a generic "Invalid Password" error message.  I
   believe this is the safest response because the server isn't susceptible
   to leaking usernames.  However, by popular demand, and for the sanity of
   admins who have users who can't figure out why they can't login, you can
   now enable this option and the user will see:
     "Your IP/hostname is not authorized"

*** Functionality changes:

3) The test for deleted and expired accounts is now performed after the
   check for valid hostmasks.  Thus a user trying to login to an account
   must match the hostmask before they can see they've been marked for
   deletion or that the account has expired.

*** Bug Fixes:

4) Site purge <user> would incorrectly return a command successful reply
   if the specified user was not marked for deletion or hadn't expired.  It
   didn't do anything before, but now it returns an error code and says:
     "User not marked for deletion or account hasn't expired"

5) CWD was always trying to initiate a virtual search instead of only
   on directories which were symbolic links to /Search/*.  Since it would
   just use the cached result when not under /Search the script wasn't being
   called, but the OnVirtualSearch event in the config file was being looked
   up each time and this can be avoided now.

6) Site swho <users to match> would cause a crash if a user was connected to
   the server but hadn't logged in yet.
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