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I dont want it to set to false!

Did you look carefully at :

I try to transfer the .nfo and it says this

[L] 200 PORT command successful.
[L] STOR unknown-blabla.nfo
[L] 553-.-[ForceNFO]------------------------------------.
[L] 553-| You must upload the NFO first. |
[L] 553 '-----------------------------------------------'
[L] Transfer Failed!

Same for the .sfv

[L] STOR unknown-blabla.sfv
[L] 553-.-[ForceSFV]------------------------------------.
[L] 553-| You must upload the SFV first. |
[L] 553 '-----------------------------------------------'
[L] Transfer Failed!

If i set it to false it wont check anymore thats true .... But thats not the issue
But i want it to check if nfo or svf is uploaded first .....
The issue is when i try to UPLOAD the .sfv or .nfo it gives this error which is very weird cause how can it say "You must upload the NFO first" while i,m trying to do so!!! Same for .sfv!!!

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