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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
bat support was added as an after thought and a per-user request and arugments wasn't necessary for that situation.

We could add support for them, If you're a registered user I can provide you with beta releases to test these changes otherwise you'd need to wait until we start up public beta testing again.

Perhaps even instead of making it part of the sound events, perhaps its time to branch it off and have actual events that are triggered on transfer failure/success. My only concern with this is that it would be a global setting and it may not be necessary to have these events for every ftp site.

If we could get more input and feedback on this type of feature I would do my best to see that it gets added into the next release.

Thank u for the quick feedback.

Nowadays i have written a sfv/unrar check based on "downloaded" event, it's very helpful but limited.

I think a full events management would be a great asset.

  • On item download begin
  • On item download end
  • On item download error
  • On file download begin
  • On file download end
  • ...

Any events could provide many arguments
  • file path
  • Source directory
  • Queue Name
  • Size
  • Source ftp site
  • ...

For the problem of unneeded triggerred events for all ftp site, user could filter events with source ftp site argument.

Thank u for considering this.
I'm testing FlashFxp and with these features i will be considering purchase it.
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