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Totally readable!

VFS normalize path. Check, I'll add that.

NTFS dynamic disk spanning I admit would make script writing easier! I don't think dynamic disks are offered in the Home versions of XP. Not sure about Vista Home but wouldn't surprise me if it's not available there either. So that's a pretty big issue... Also, backup/restore from them is trickier, and well, if you loose a disk it's a nightmare.

Physical paths. Actually a command to turn a VFS path into a physical path I agree will always be necessary for FILES. 3rd party executables to get stuff like MP3 info, etc will often be necessary. It's enumerating the contents of directories or thinking their is only 1 path for a directory that will be the issue. Which is why I'm thinking I should either make a new iTCL command to return the files/dirs in a directory that matches the semantics of the regular TCL command, or try the virtual filesystem thing

Config iTCL command... Check, I can add that. In fact there is already the "site config" command which allows you to actually EDIT the .ini file on the fly and rehash it and read the contents. Probably should add an override option in the .ini file itself to disable site config and this new iTCL command from editing the config file though...
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