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thanks for replying me Yil, i found out the script was hangin at the parsing of the mp3 files so i cut out this part :

# Attempt to parse every MP3 file until successful.
foreach filePath $mp3Files {
if {[catch {::nx::mp3 $filePath mp3} error]} {
ErrorLog PreMP3 $error
} else {
set codec [format "MPEG %.1f Layer %d" $mp3(version)
iputs "|-------------------------------------------------------
iputs [format "| Artist : %-60s |" $mp3(artist)]
iputs [format "| Album : %-60s |" $mp3(album)]
iputs [format "| Genre : %-16s Year: %-11s Bitrate: %-16s |"
$mp3(genre) $mp3(year) "$mp3(bitrate) Kbit"]
iputs [format "| Channel : %-16s Type: %-13s Codec: %-16s |"
$mp3(mode) $mp3(type) $codec]
set isMP3 1; break

maybe usefull for ppl with the same issues....
now i can go on adding more sections, hopfully this will go clean ;]
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