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Hi Neoxed:

same topic, I was upgraded from 1.1.0 and now my nxpre.conf no longer working here is the paths

DVDR "N:/Race5/DVDR"

DVDR "MYGRP Siteops"

Siteops "/LC/" "/Race5/DVDR/"

and on nxtools.conf is:

set dupe(AlphaNumChars) 5
set dupe(IgnoreDirs) {*/[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] */cd[0-9] */dis[ck][0-9] */dvd[0-9] */codec */cover */covers */extra */extras */sample */subs */vobsub */vobsubs */Sorted/*}
set dupe(IgnoreFiles) {.* *.asc *.bad *.diz *.gif *.jpg *.missing *.nfo *.url}
set dupe(CheckExempts) {

on ioFTPD.ini is:
pre = !A *

when I do site pre (section) (release) I got this error
site pre DVDR
[L] 200-.-[Pre]------------------------------------------------------------------.
[L] 200 Command successful.

on SystemError.log is:
05-24-2008 19:40:28 "..\scripts\nxTools\nxPre.tcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
can't read "pre(IgnoreFiles)": no such element in array
while executing
"GetDirList $realPath dirlist $pre(IgnoreFiles)"
(procedure "Release" line 76)
invoked from within
"Release [lrange $argList 1 end]"
(procedure "::nxTools::Pre::Main" line 25)
invoked from within
"::nxTools::Pre::Main [expr {[info exists args] ? $args : ""}]"
(file "..\scripts\nxTools

Please help! what did i do wrong there?

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.


ioFTPDv6.4.3-ioninjav0.6.1and nxtoolsv1.2.1
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