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Default nxtools-v1.2.1

i'm upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.2.1 this weird error msg popup, anyone aware of this error
msg under systemlog

database disk image is malformed
while executing
"OneDb eval {SELECT * FROM OneLines ORDER BY TimeStamp DESC LIMIT $misc(OneLines)} values {
incr count
set valueList [clock for..."
(procedure "OneLines" line 13)
invoked from within
"OneLines [join [lrange $argList 1 end]]"
("ONELINES" arm line 2)
invoked from within
"switch -- $05-18-2008 17:23:08 "..\scripts\nxTools\nxUtilities.tcl" terminated abnormally
table DupeFiles has no column named FilePath
while executing
"FileDb eval {INSERT INTO DupeFiles(TimeStamp,UserName,GroupName,FilePath,Fi leName) VALUES($timeStamp,$user,$group,$filePath,$fileName )}"
(procedure "UpdateFiles" line 12)
invoked from within
"UpdateFiles $command $virtualPath"
(procedure "UpdateLog" line 9)
invoked from within
"UpdateLog "UPLD" [li05-18-2008 20:02:08 "..\scripts\nxTools\nxUtilities.tcl" terminated abnormally

Thanks alot for all your help.
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