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Default error: "can't read "misc(ReloadConfig)": no such variable"

hello, i recieve an error when trying to log into ioFTPD, only after adding nxtools. it only occurs after the pass command:

[1] PBSZ 0
[1] 200 PBSZ 0 successful.
[1] 331 Password required for ioFTPD.
[1] PASS (hidden)
[1] 500 'mypassword': Command failed.

"mypassword" is the password i have set for user ioFTPD

when i check the systemerror.log this is what i see:
--------------------------------------------------04-30-2009 13:27:01 "..\scripts\nxTools\nxClose.tcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
can't read "misc(ReloadConfig)": no such variable
while executing
"IsTrue $misc(ReloadConfig)"
invoked from within
"if {[IsTrue $misc(ReloadConfig)] && [catch {source "../scripts/init.itcl"} error]} {
iputs "Unable to load script configuration, contact a siteop...."
(file "..\scripts\nxTools\nxClose.tcl" line 15)
I am curious as to how i might be able to fix this error, because this seems like a great addon.

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