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I try to transfer the .nfo and it says this

[L] 200 PORT command successful.
[L] STOR unknown-blabla.nfo
[L] 553-.-[ForceNFO]------------------------------------.
[L] 553-| You must upload the NFO first. |
[L] 553 '-----------------------------------------------'
[L] Transfer Failed!

Same for the .sfv

[L] STOR unknown-blabla.sfv
[L] 553-.-[ForceSFV]------------------------------------.
[L] 553-| You must upload the SFV first. |
[L] 553 '-----------------------------------------------'
[L] Transfer Failed!

This is what i get since i upgrade from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

1.2.0 did work fine but now i got this weird problem. I checked everything but cant find the problem.... configs etc are all fine
When i downgrade again to version 1.2.0 it works fine again!
Using ioFtpd 6.4.3, ioNINJA

Any idea what the problem is? There is nothing in the logs about it.
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