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Default Automate a daily backup of a FTP accessible directory using FlashFXP

Hi there.

I have a directory which I would like to backup on a daily basis (automated using FlashFXP). More specifically every day I want the files to go into a directory with the days date on it. I have already tried doing this but having difficulty setting the local source path.

What I have done so far is as follows;

1) Added the files into a queue in FlashFXP and saved this.

2) Made the following Windows batch file;

md "%date:/=-%
"C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\FlashFXP.exe" -tray -c2 -localpath="C:\mysite_Backups\%date:/=-%" -go "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FlashFXP\3\mysite.fqf"
To take you through this, the first line (md) creates a folder with todays date.
The second line fires up flashfxp and transferes the saved queue, however although I have set the local path correctly, it changes the local path to the one in the queue so the files download into the wrong folder (My Documents instead of c:\mysite_backups\todaysdate)

Is there a way I can remove the "local source" from the queue file so the queue specifies only the site and files to pull down and not the local directory to pull down to?
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