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Well Its needs to change to accomodate the sftp support but then again so does a load of other parts of ffxp need to achieve this.

Theres is too much functionality and complexity involved in the current quick connect vs site manager it needs to differenciate on a larger scale so that there is a clear difference and reason of being for using one method over the other.

As it is I dont find that the quick connect is usefull enough to warrant its existence "as is" over the alternative mind that having said that I cannot think of a single reason why it needs to exist. I never used other than for testing reasons but then again all my sites are mostly fixed.


Quick connect

Basic absolut need to have settings

Site manager

All else and then all else needed to ensure the site is "tweaked" & "customized" to both users taste and performance.

Also make sure that current Site manager changes ports automatically from sftp to ftp server type as the quick connect menu does already.
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