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Thanks a lot for that really in depth review of how you use the shared memory interface. The good news is, you won't have to change anything to keep all existing functionality and everything existing will still work now that I've decided keeping compatibility was a high priority again. I'm running an untouched ioGUI in shared memory mode for testing and it appears to be fine and it uses a LOT of shared memory functionality.

If you continue to recompile against 6.4 headers you don't need to do anything at all, if you switch to 6.5 headers you'll need to either change UserFile references to UserFile_Old in your code, or change to the newer DC_NEW_USERFILE_[OPEN,CLOSE,etc] identifiers to manipulate the new UserFile structures which would then give you access to all the new fields and 25 sections instead of 10.

If you can let me in on your custom ioSiteWho additions I'll see what I can do. I've added some new features to site swho, and provided a new site who that basically does all SiteWho.exe did but is designed for regular users if you allow it in ioFTPD.ini. You can make it hide users, hide paths, show just uploaders, downloaders, idlers or just a summary. It uses new text/ftp/Who.* files so people can customize the output although I've updated more than half the files in there for the 6.5 release. I've even added support for conditional cookies so you can print some info, and hide other stuff based on what cookies evaluate to. Kinda cool stuff, but if there is something you use that you don't see let me know and I'll add it

I'm also planning on going the glftpd route with site deluser only marking an account as deleted and providing an optional message to show the user if they try to login. You'll have to use site purge to actually remove the user and of course you can use site readd to restore the user and you can only purge people lower than you. So 1 flagged users can delete but not purge other 1 users, but can do whatever to group admins, etc...
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