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I've been trying to setup what you call "The other solution, and the preferred one".
I defined a user 'FTPService' and run the ioFTPD service with it (I went back to that user and re-use the local system account in all the try-and-tests i've done) but no luck so far.

Once the use of the certificate is enforced, the service starts but when connecting to the site i have the infamous error message:

(17:31:31) [2] Connecting to 84.*.*.*:21
(17:31:32) [2] 220 FTPS Server ready.
(17:31:32) [2] AUTH SSL
(17:31:32) [2] 504 AUTH SSL unsupported.
(17:31:32) [2] Retrying after 180 seconds for **********

Maybe I missed a point in the way I should install the certificate when running the service with a user
account ??!?!?


PS: Great idea about removing the dedicated user from the 'users' group. i'll give it a go !!
PS2: thanks a lot for your extensive answer and the time you spend on it !!!
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