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Default Sections FAQ

<alias> = <credit section #> <path>
<alias> = <credit section #> <stats section #> <path>
<alias> = <credit section #> <stats section #> <share section #> <path>

<alias>: name to use for this path
<credit section #>: section number to use for looking up user's ratio
<stats section #>: section number to apply up/down statistics to, if not defined then same as credit section
<share section #>: section number to add/subtract credits, if not defined then same as credit section

Sections are looked up one of two ways: by path or by credit section. In either case the first match found by processing the entries in the order listed is used. Thus the first path that matches the current directory determines the credit, stat, and share section numbers so more specific paths should come first. When using the cookie %[SectionName(#)] the <alias> field of the first line with a matching <stats section #> is the name used.


Default = 0 0 0 *
The trivial case. Just one section defined. Nice and simple.

Movies = 1 1 0 /Xvid/*
Movies = 1 1 0 /DVDR/*
Default = 0 0 0 *
This server has two sections (0-1) and shows how you can have multiple distinct paths be part of the same section. Notice the 0 as the third integer for all three entries. This means that credits for up/downloading are controlled by the user's section 0 credits but the ratio to apply varies based the user's associated section ratio. So if the user has a 1:3 ratio for both section 0 and 1 it will appear as if the server isn't using sections at all since their credits will works the same anywhere. However it's possible that a user could have 1:3 ratio for section 1, and leech for section 0 which would mean that particular user needs credits for movie downloading but can grab anything else for free. The second integer means movie up/down transfer statistics are tracked separately which is particularly useful in this case with some users having leech on particular sections.

Games = 3 2 2 /XBOX/*
Games = 2 2 2 /Games/*
Movies = 1 1 0 /Xvid/*
Movies = 1 1 0 /DVDR/*
Default = 0 0 0 *
This setup defines four sections (0-3). The key here is that the "Games" section is actually made up of two sections that share credits distinct from the rest of the server and can apply different up/down ratios based on whether it's a PC game or and XBOX game.

Games = 0 2 0 /XBOX/*
Games = 0 2 0 /Games/*
Movies = 0 1 0 /Xvid/*
Movies = 0 1 0 /DVDR/*
Default = 0 0 0 *
This setup is actually a really simple case. It uses section 0 for ratio and credits everywhere, but tracks up/down statistics based on path. This can be rather useful information when viewing the userfile to see who up/downs where.
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