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Default Old Script Repository

I was hoping that the old script repository would be accessible a little bit after the website redesign was finished, but it appears that didn't happen... Heck, just the old website running under .../old would be great.

I think I downloaded most of the scripts here at one point or another, and acquired several others over time. In theory I could just put them up on my ISP's FTP since I think I got more space there recently. What I don't have is the short comments describing the scripts, nor any idea which were paid scripts, or limited in some way, etc.

For instance, ioBanana2 which I've debugged for a few sites over the years was a real paid script so that's out. ioSFV I don't believe was uploaded to the repository here, but was free and I think I have Tuff's collection before his website went down (btw, it has a test main page from April so there are signs of life!), but what about some of the script forums here with ioFTPD scripts for registered users. A pointer over to FTPServer's site since that's still alive would be all that's needed in that case.

I'm assuming that everything except ioB2 is probably free to redistribute today. I mean there is no paid scripter pool to pay into anymore, etc. That being the case what do you think we should do? Is there any author who contributed because of the scripter pool who wouldn't consider their code "free" to distribute now. Tuff's code for instance is free, but restricts modifications, most are free if you keep credit to the original authors, etc so "free" means different things to different people. However, my only concern is it "free" enough that I can re-distribute them subject to whatever license they have by putting them online here or somewhere else...

Oh, and does anybody feel like organizing the mess
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