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Networks are not my speciality and it took me weeks of troubleshooting to tie the problem down to FlashFXP.
I do not have Offline files enabled.
The problem occured with beta versions of 3.6 too.
I am not sure if the problem lies with Microsoft or FlashFXP but if I log on with a domain account without roaming profiles turned on it seems to work ok.

It seems that even leaving FlashFXP open and idle is enough to bring down the network as well.
The network progressively slows down after opening FlashFXP until shares are eventually unreachable and even the taskbar and explorer become unresponsive on the workstations and domain controller.
I can work for around half an hour until I have to force a reboot of domain controllers and then workstations. I do not get this problem when using other FTP programs such as FileZilla. If I do not force a reboot and try to do it normally it can take hours to shut down!

The problem does not seem to occur when using an XP machine on the Win Server 2008 domain either.
The problem seems worse when hosting profiles on DFS.

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