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Default FlashFXP Brings Down Win Server 2008 Domain with Roaming Profiles


I have been using FlashFXP for years at home and at work but after upgrading the domain to a Windows Server 2008 domain and using Vista with roaming profiles enabled FlashFXP causes major problems which results in having to hard-reset the domain.

Whenever I open FlashFXP and start working on it on a roaming profile the network starts to slow down and after about 30 minutes everything becomes totally unresponsive and any network activity such as saving a small web page to the network takes ages and everything keeps stopping to respond. In the end the only solution is to hard-reset the domain controllers and then the workstations. As soon as I open FlashFXP and transfer files to the local computer and then click on them within FlashFXP both FlashFXP and Dreamweaver freeze for around 30 seconds before the file actually opens. Browsing to the same file in Windows Explorer and opening it opens the file stranight away.

This problem also occured with Beta versions of Windows Server 2008 and roaming profiles when I was testing but I reported it to Microsoft at that time using the Beta Client. The issue remains unresolved.

The domain can run well for weeks but as soon as I start working in FlashFXP the whole network is brought to a total halt and everyone has troble accessing network shares.

This problem did not occur on Windows Server 2003. It also does not occur when I use other FTP clients which I have been forced to do. FlashFXP is now banned on the domain due to its disruptive effect on the network.

Has this not been reported yet by anyone else?
I even set up a test domain and the same thing started happening straight away.

Thanks for any information which may stop this issue from occuring.
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